Why Your Business Needs an Air Filtration System

Poor air quality in the workplace can cause more than just sneezing. With around 90% of our time spent indoors, it’s important to make sure that the air we breathe isn’t a problem. If a business does not have any sort of air filtration pennsylvania, there are a lot of benefits to consider.


Not only does air filtration trap particles like dust in the air, they also reduce the levels of humidity as well. High levels of humidity can make it easier for mold to grow in the building. This can be a problem even for your employees who don’t have allergies or sensitivities. Mold exposure can be dangerous and cause problems like asthma attacks, respiratory problems, and discomfort. If the exposure is too prolonged, the mold can cause permanent damage. In some cases, a company can be held liable for these damages.

Sick Days

As mentioned before, lack of filtration can cause some serious health problems because of mold. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only danger that bad air filtration can cause leading to sick days. Usually, when a couple of people call in sick, it ends up affecting a larger group rather quickly.

This is because bad air quality from bad circulation and filtration can leave a high concentration of the viruses and bacteria. By filtering the air, you are able to reduce the number of bacteria and viruses leaving your office and building healthier. Sick days can get expensive, but it’s important for employees to take them to keep illness out.


Unpleasant smells can be just as irritating as allergies in some cases. Whether it be the smell from something microwaved to a manufacturing process that doesn’t smell the best, nobody wants to smell it. By removing the odor from the air, you can leave everyone happy.


People tend to be more protective in a comfortable environment. With the addition of air filtration, the levels of comfort that your employees will experience will rise considerably. Air filtration is especially important if there are workers in your company that have sensitivities to chemicals. Even if your employees don’t have to call out from work, they will have a much lower level of productivity due to not feeling well. This can benefit employees who aren’t particularly sensitive as well as it makes the air less stuffy and smelly. Overall, everyone will feel better while they are at work.

OSHA Regulations

While OSHA demands that certain levels of air quality be maintained in a business, it may still not be good enough for all of your employees. Even if the air quality is good for the mechanic’s area or fabrication area, that’s not a guarantee that it will be clean enough for your office. Improper air filtration can lead to a whole building getting sick which can create dangerous conditions. By installing or upgrading your air filtration system now, you can be ahead of the curve just in case OSHA decides to raise their air quality standards in the future.