What to Consider When Building a New Garage

As the trends in the construction of modern homes keeps changing with the changing times, so do the designs of garage construction. You most probably want to build something that is fancy and not too expensive, but still convenient to use at any given time. Depending with the various sizes of vehicles, a garage has to be flexible and able to accommodate them without stressing up yourself too much. Here are some of the things you might want to take into consideration.

Should Your Garage Be Attached to or Separated from Your House?

It is worth to mention that garages that are attached to the house have various advantages. One of the advantages is that it is more convenient to you especially during the rainy and wet seasons. But then garages attached to the house limit the number of options you have when it comes to picking the best design that best suits both your house and garage. Therefore, if you are planning to build a garage, you might want to consider separating it from your house. The advantages of a detached garage include: It gives a good and improved look to your homestead, it presents you with diverse design options, it prevents fumes emitted by your vehicle from getting into the house, it forms a good site for workshops and it is also easy to add on to, for instance a living space.

Type of Entry

Most entrances to a garage often face towards the street, and they are usually attached to the house on one side. While constructing a garage entrance, it should be designed in such a way that it does not limit the daily usage. The entrance should be big enough and attractive. You might want to have your entrance facing away from the street at an angle to improve the look of your homestead. Too much emphasis should not be put in cutting the costs but rather, in coming up with something pleasing and easy to use.

The Use of the Garage

As the times keep changing, more new homes are embracing the idea of garages big enough to house more than one car. Less than 7% of the households have a 1 car garage. The percentage of households with at least a 2-car garage keeps increasing and averagely, a majority have at least a 4-car garage. Before you build a garage, consider the future and build a garage that can accommodate more vehicles, be it cars, trucks, motorhome or trailers, and also consider that you may need to have residential garage door repair phoenix az done in order to maintain that design.

Will You Want to Have a Living Space Above the Garage?

The easiest and quickest way to add a living space to your home is through garage conversion. If perfectly done, it can create an extra room that blends very nicely with the existing house. The main challenge facing garage conversion is usually what to do with the garage doors. What you have to do is to seek ideas on how you can fill the space that is left by the doors of the garage. An example of this could be creating a wall and painting it to perfectly match the house, or even creating a patio door at the gap.

Building Permits and Storage Space

When you put up a garage, you ought to seek the building permits from the relevant local municipality. You have to follow the provisions like for instance if the garage is required to be at a distance from the property line, as well as sticking to the various construction guidelines. In addition, you are expected to know what you want to store in the garage so as to help with the floor plan, hence you will know whether to include some space for shelves and cabinets.


Planning is one thing and carrying out the actual construction is also a whole different thing. Anyone who wants to own a garage should strive to have garages that meet the current modern trends, and that gives your home a fresh new look. A potential garage owner should anticipate the future as he plans and designs the garage to ensure it best fits the expanding and changing interests.