Many People Choose Plastic Surgery Simply to Look More Normal

Plastic surgery is increasingly common as people seek to improve their appearance and look younger. Anyone interested in learning more about different types of cosmetic surgery may visit Dr. Zacharia’s Facebook profile to learn more about this particular doctor.

Types of Cosmetic Surgery

Various types of cosmetic surgery, including facelifts, nose jobs and liposuction, used to be viewed as rather extreme steps in the effort to look more attractive and youthful. As noninvasive treatments became readily available, millions of people became more interested in having these procedures done. BOTOX injections, for instance, reduce facial lines. Dermal fillers plump up the face to create a younger look.

Gender and Cosmetic Surgery

More than 90 percent of those choosing noninvasive, minimally invasive and invasive cosmetic procedures are women, although the numbers of men who have these treatments is rapidly growing. One factor is that breast augmentation surgery is the most common form of cosmetic surgery. Without this procedure, the percentages become slightly more even, although women are still the primary patients of cosmetic surgeons.

Trying to Look More Normal

Most people seeking assistance from plastic surgeons are not trying to accomplish anything extreme. Many patients who schedule cosmetic surgery are actually just trying to look more normal. They don’t expect to look like Emma Stone or Jesse Williams, but they are tired of having a nose that’s too big, drooping eyelids, marionette lines around the mouth or excess skin around the abdomen that didn’t disappear after substantial weight loss.

Some patients want to resolve the effects of an accident, a skin disease or an illness, restoring their appearance to what it used to be until this negative incident occurred. Plastic surgeons help patients minimize or eliminate scarring from serious acne or other harm to the skin. Reconstructive surgery after severe burns reduces the appearance of scars. Plastic surgeons offer breast reconstruction surgery for cancer patients.

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Realistic Expectations

It’s important for patients to have realistic expectations. Some individuals are wary of cosmetic procedures because they have seen photos of celebrities with poor results, but often, the problem actually was one operation too many in a never-ending attempt to continue looking 28 years old.