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One guy just doesn't cut it; Or, the competition dropped the couch ... literally.

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An angry customer this week posted a counter ad to the one below ... he was not very happy with a guy, the service was horrible, had to pesonally help, and last but not least, the walls at his place got damaged. The anti-ad even had photos showing the damage...As many ads on the CL disappear as quickly as a few days, I decided to attach the full original ad below...(the anti ad had laready been deleted)


The quck takeaways from this story: what did one think would happen when you put one guy in a tight space with a large couch?

That's why from the very beginning we've always done 2 guys team; it just works. Kudos to the client trying to send the message to the public: hopefully not only I read it...but the common sense approach of always asking upfront of what one gets was not followed. It is OK to ask how one palns to get the job done, what equipment will be used, and what controls are in place so that things do not go horribly wrong ...




Original ad below:


. =\ * •¸=PickUp + Delivery - for Furniture -Purchases !! •/ . (MA Locations)

Details removed at the polite request of the competitor ...

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